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view a larger size of this Folk Art Red Barn Winter Scene slate.View Larger Image

Folk Art Red Barn Winter Scene

Hand painted on an authentic Maine roof slate. Red barn winter scene slate is 14"x7". Framed in soft black and antique gold. Triple sealed ready to be hung indoors or out on original nail hole at time of shipping. Selling price $75.00

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view a larger size of this Red Barn Winter Scene slate.View Larger Image

Red Barn Winter Scene

Painted on a 16"x10" 18th century Maine roof slate. Painting is framed with antique gold top and bottom edge midnight blue. Background snow field trees. Fenced in red barn. Snowy skies. Triple sealed ready to be hung with original nail hole indoors or outdoors. Selling price 145.00

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Customer Testimonials

Hi Julie, apologize it's been so long since I purchased the "Let Freedom Ring" handpainted roof slate from you. It's been boxed all this time. The reason being is the front of my house has been overgrown with four trees that were really too large to ever be put next to the front steps. This week my husband and I finally removed the last of the four trees and yesterday he hung your stunningly gorgeous "Let Freedom Ring" slate. Wow...how it brightens up the whole house and can be seen from way down the street. Remember I'm the one with the big metal flag I had on the house and my husband was bound and determined to refinish it for me. He didn't think a slate would be as stunning as his metal flag. He's glad now that I went ahead and ordered it. I am so glad I found you. You are a true artist in every sense of the word. Now I want one for my back door. Thank you for your incredible talent and beautiful artwork. Hope all is well with you. Sincerely, - Judy K. New Jersey